SPORN Head Dog Halter,Black, X-Large


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  • STOPS PULLING INSTANTLY: It provides immediate control and keeps you in charge while on walk. Just as the dog pulls the padded restraints applies gentle pressure to top of the muzzle to stop pulling immediately. Specifically made for heavy to extreme pullers, it allows you to guide the dog’s direction of walking.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: A collar, halter or both! Thanks to its convenient design, it converts into a standard collar in no time when not in use. Works great for training your pet. Comfortable, safe and perfectly functional.
  • EASY TO PUT ON: Just a few simple steps and you are done. Simply place the restraint on the dog’s muzzle and you are ready for some stress-free walks for both you and your canine companion.
  • HUMANE HEAD COLLAR: The padded restraints provide optimum comfort and prevent the strips from getting into the dog’s eye. It does not cause choking and is designed to let your dog drink or pant conveniently. The friendly pull control function provides guidance from withers and not face.
  • Condition : New, never used.


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