Marvel Fantastic Four, Vol. 5 #4


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‘THE FALL OF THE FANTASTIC FOUR’ PART 4 – FLAME OFF!!! JOHNNY STORM has lost his powers! – The HUMAN TORCH is no more!!! – With one member down, a new threat emerges — the WRECKING CREW…with powers mysteriously elevated to A-level destruction as they team-up with the WIZARD to be a new, devastating version of the FRIGHTFUL FOUR! – And as BEN and ALICIA’S romance rekindles, so looms the PUPPET MASTER with dark plans for both of them. – All this and the return of FF members ANT MAN, MS. THING and SHE-HULK. Writer: James Robinson Penciller: Leonard Kirk Inkers: Karl Kesel, Jay Leisten Colorist: Jesus Aburtov Letterer: Clayton Cowles Cover Artist: Leonard Kirk Cover Colorist: Jesus Aburtov Editors: Mark Paniccia, Emily Shaw Editor in Chief: Axel Alonso Characters appearing: Wrecker (Dirk Garthwaite), She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Wizard (Bentley Wittman), Maria Hill, Invisible Woman (Susan Storm-Richards), Human Torch (Jonathan ‘Johnny’ Storm), Thunderball (Eliot Franklin), Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Thing (Benjamin J. Grimm), Miss Thing (Darla Deering), Bulldozer (Marci Camp)


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